Real Daughters of the St. Louis-Jefferson Chapter

Our chapter was privileged to have seven Real Daughters as members. A Real Daughter is a DAR member whose father was a soldier or patriot who rendered service to the American Revolution. The Real Daughters of our chapter were:

Eveline Paddock (Miss)

b 8 September 1803, Vermont, and d 25 March 1900. Her father was Gaius Paddock (MA). Both are buried in the Paddock Cemetery, Paddock's Grove, Madison County, Illinois.

Eveline Paddock grave marker

Elizabeth Cobb Avis (Mrs. Thomas)

b 9 August 1809, Maine, and d 13 April 1901, St. Louis, Missouri. She married Thomas Avis and they are both buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis. Shown below is the illustrated portrait of Elizabeth Cobb Avis (left) that was published with her obituary in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Her father was Thomas Cobb (MA). Her grave is marked with a DAR Real Daughter marker.

Isabella Brown Tallman (Mrs. Charles)

b 27 May 1813, Pennsylvania, and d 7 February 1905, Miller County, Missouri. She is buried in Tallman Cemetery, Miller County, Missouri. She was the daughter of William Brown (PA).

Isabella Tallman Grave Marker

Catherine J. Chambers Pulliam (Mrs. John C.)

b 1815, and d February 1905. She is buried in Ridge Park Cemetery, Marshall, Saline County, Missouri. Her father was Benjamin Chambers (PA). (Photo: Marshall Chapter DAR, Marshall, Missouri)


Amanda Rector Kennedy Tillson (Mrs. Levi)

b 28 November 1817, and d 1 February 1905, Washington County, Missouri. She and her husband are buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery near Potosi, Missouri. Her father was Thomas Kennedy (SC). (Photo: Patsy West)


Elizabeth Sharp Talliaferro McClelland (Mrs. Samuel)

b 24 April 1805, Ohio, and d 2 August 1900, Missouri. She is buried in Rountree Cemetery, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri. Her father was Richard Talliaferro (VA). (Photo: Rachel Donelson Chapter DAR, Springfield, Missouri)


Mary Magdalene Birch Shawhan Dudley (Mrs. Abraham F.)

b 14 February 1818, Kentucky, and d 1909, Missouri. She is buried in the Old Plattsburg Cemetery, with her husband, in Clinton, Missouri. Her father was Thomas Birch (VA). (Photo: University of Missouri at St. Louis, Special Collections, used with permission; chapter scrapbook.)

Mary Birch Dudley photo


Disclaimer: We regret that we cannot provide lineage information. The information on this page cannot be used as proof of service or lineage for purposes of joining DAR.

Real Daughters

NSDAR Real Daughters book

The DAR was organized in 1890, over 100 hundred years after the end of the American Revolution.

Real Daughters were "living links" to history because their own fathers were soldiers or patriots of the American Revolution. Many were the youngest child of large families or the offspring of a marriage late in life. DAR located 767 Real Daughters across America who joined DAR; at least 25 of them lived to be over 100 years old. Beginning in 1900, DAR provided pensions for those Real Daughters who were in need. The last Real Daughter died in 1943, 160 years after the American Revolution ended.

Source: My Father Was a Soldier: The Real Daughters of the American Revolution, Washington, DC: NSDAR, 2010.